Dogana d’acqua resurrected – or what?


This is an old photo of the Dogana d’acqua, the water customs on the Canale dei Navicelli, connecting Livorno with Pisa.



And this is a fresh photo of the same place, taken today. Something odd is going on here. It is not a reconstruction of the old building, it is a plain modern building covered in printed glass panels to imitate the old one.



During WWII the dogana buildings were destroyed and these five arches were all that remained. And this is more or less what is has looked like for the last seventy years. (Photo Bing Maps)



I find this an intriguing area, it is industrial and residential at the same time, a mix of old and scruffy and newly built postmodernism and then these ruins that are still very much in use by boat owners.



This is the other side before the war


and today, where only the two arches remain. I wonder what will happen here. Will they be covered and built upon using a similar technique?



The plain white building clearly visible behind the panels, one of them still not up. There is a lack of symmetry here that is slightly annoying.



A close-up. It would be interesting to know if this is a common building technique. I have never come across it before.




My dear Dogana d’acqua. What will have happened to you next time I see you?




It seems the Chiesa degli Olandesi, the Dutch church of Livorno, is saved! Restoration work has begun, which is fantastic.



I will be very glad when I can post photos showing the change. When I visited, it was in a terrible state, a sanctuary for pigeons.



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