The wall and the slaughterhouse



This is the massive wall by Via della Cinta Esterna (Outer Wall Road). This is more or less what remains of the Medici city walls from the 1500’s.



The huge gate used to lead into the slaughterhouse area.




The sign still (almost) says Pubblici Macelli – Public butcher. Above on the crumbling wall is the city arms of Livorno.



In another part of the wall a face is emerging. Or… what is it?





Around the corner we can get a glimpse of the area inside the wall. The shadows on the wall come from the buses parked at one of the port terminals.




The golden late afternoon sunlight casts long shadows and makes the facades glow.




The former slaughterhouse area, as well as the old Forte San Pietro area, an early 18th century fortification. Needless to say, I’d love to get inside these walls and investigate further!




2 comments on “The wall and the slaughterhouse

  1. färgglad says:

    Vackert, vackert!
    Färgen som bergen i solnedgång vid Röda Havet.

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