Piazza del Municipio



From car park to tidy piazza.
The Palazzo Granducale (originally from the early 1600’s but destroyed during the war and reconstructed in 1950) deserved better than having to hide behind a muddled parking lot.




And, as the latest cleanup in downtown Livorno, the piazza is now cleared of cars, paved and planted with new palm trees.
The towered house is early 18th century Palazzo Comunale, where the mayor’s office is.




This piazza is also where the tourists from the cruise ships are let off and picked up, so I guess the city wants to present itself in the best possible way.




The only “before” photo I have is this, where you can see only a fraction of the throng of cars that used to occupy the piazza. I tell you, the difference is huge.




2 comments on “Piazza del Municipio

  1. sgriccia says:

    Happy to see this. Livorno has much to offer, but is always overlooked. The piazza looks lovely both day and night. If it takes cruise ships to beautify it, so be it!
    Nina in Michigan

    • CL says:

      True, Nina. Livorno deserves so much more love than it gets. It is hard to compete with Tuscan beauties like Florence, Lucca, Pisa and Siena though… Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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