Villa Maurogordato



Villa Maurogordato in southeast Livorno is part of the city’s grand European heritage, but is now sadly in decay.




It got its name from the Livornese merchant of Greek origin, Pandely Maurogordato, who bought the villa in 1847. Before that it had been owned by a Polish prince, a Roman adventurer and a Russian consul.




The colonnade in the garden, which is used by the public and are popular with dogwalkers.




The once so grand greenhouse, added in the mid 1800’s.




The pool. One can only imagine the grandeur of this place. The family had to abandon it during the second world war and the neglect begun. Despite numerous renovation projects, none was ever realised and the villa is sadly beyond salvation.



6 comments on “Villa Maurogordato

  1. sgriccia says:

    Beautiful even in decay. One can only imagine what it must have looked like in it’s heyday. So much of Livorno was destroyed in the war, it’s sad that few original buildings were not rebuilt.

    • CL says:

      Yes, the war is still present in Livorno in many ways, much more than in other Tuscan cities. And the ruins are plenty… But as you say, still beautiful even when crumbling.

  2. häpen says:

    Att det bara är möjligt! Övergivna hus och fordom vackra miljöer ger ett vemodigt intryck.
    Roligt dock att få se trots förfallet.

  3. barbro says:

    The rusty iron of the greenhouse appealed very much to me. Iron in decay is very beautiful. Was it possible to enter the greenhouse?

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