Welcome to my Livornese photo album!

Livorno is a new acquaintance of mine, I discovered this Tuscan port city in April 2013 during a trip to Florence. And fell hopelessly in love.
The first 25 or so posts were originally published in my Florence blog Florensics. After I returned to Livorno in June 2013 and came home with loads of photos I figured they deserve a blog of their own.
Since then I have been back to Livorno a few times, and I keep posting my memories here. A great way to make a trip last longer!

Matilda’s Keep (Mastio di Matilde) is the name of the 13th century tower which the Medici built the Fortezza Vecchia around.

And here you find an article about me and my love for this city.




4 comments on “About

  1. tornist says:

    Aha – ännu ett torn! Pålitliga intresseväckare.
    Intressanta murar ock.

  2. I’m from Livorno and still living here for nearly 40 years (I’m 39) and although I know my place is one of the most disregarded city of Italy, I’ve to say these photos are so beautiful that It’s like I’m discovering it again! Thank you so much for being so in love with us, we need it!

    • CL says:

      Giacomo, welcome to my humble blog and thank you so very much for your kind words. I’m deeply touched. Hope to see you here again!

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