Cork and go!



Although supermarkets are practical, it’s got to be nicer to buy your wine in a small enoteca like this.



Where you can get advice and information about the wines, as well as a good chat.




In this place near the Piazza Grande you can also get your local wine poured from a tap, bottled and corked while you wait.
There are two types of red: dry and medium dry, and the price for one 0.75 cl bottle is just over 2 euros.
If you bring the bottle back for a refill, it’s even cheaper!




I just had to try their tap prosecco as well. Or frizzante, which is white wine with gentle bubbles.
I guess it means the cork won’t fly.




Still, he secured the cork in the traditional way. Just in case ūüôā




2 comments on “Cork and go!

  1. uppmuntrad says:

    Gillar korkförsäkringen!
    Roligt med mer informella ställen ock.

    • CL says:

      Ja, såna här ställen blir alltmer populära tydligen. Och kvalitén är inte dålig bara för att det saknas etikett. Det hänns liksom inte fel ur ett förpacknings- och återanvändningsperspektiv heller.

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