The nameless house



One of the first palazzi I noticed in Livorno’s Venezia was this one. Yes, the abandoned and shabby white building, squeezed in between its colourful neighbours.



It was something with its proportions and lack of symmetry that appealed to me.



Apart from the obvious neglect, which is something that always attracts my eye and stings my heart.



Since my first encounter with this building I have wondered what is to become of it. Why was it abandoned? Why doesn’t anyone do something? Doesn’t someone own it? Is it just going to fall down?



All I managed to find out is that it has no name, like the noble palazzi all around Venezia. It’s just a house that nobody seems to care about. How sad.



But, lo and behold, a few weeks ago, scaffolding was being put up and suddenly the place was vibrating with activity!



To me this was just as unexpected as pleasing.
And, I must admit, a bit worrying too. What will they do to the place?
A sign says the work will be finished in 15 months, so it will be interesting to follow the development.



It takes a lot of people to take care of a house like this. Not least the supporting and cheering spectators. Whatever the time of the day, always a bunch of men watching and commenting 🙂




Finally two older images I got from a friend. First a photo taken around 1900, our house is half visible in the background. Also notice that the little tower is missing.



Here we are in the 1930’s, the electric tower has now been built (in the style of old fortfications towers to blend into the historic setting).



And almost the same view today. The bridge is called Ponte di Marmo (The marble bridge) and has an interesting story, read about its 300-year-old graffiti here.



2 comments on “The nameless house

  1. husglad jag med says:

    Trodde först det var det rosa lilla tornet som var i fokus – ocksĂ„ finfint.

    Övergivna hus Ă€r verkligen en sorglig syn, de sĂ€ckar liksom ihop utan invĂ„nare och omsorg.
    Hoppas det renoveras pietetsfullt.

    • CL says:

      Ja, jag gillar tornet ocksÄ, det ger Ànnu mer karaktÀr Ät hörnet dÀr tvÄ kanaler möts.
      Ska bli spÀnnande att se vad de hittar pÄ med huset.

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