Villa Saletta


Welcome to a very special place. Villa Saletta is an abandoned borgo about half an hour’s drive from Livorno. A most beautiful and magical medieval village. This daytrip was a dream come true for me, I hope you will enjoy the visit too!



I know very little about the history of the village. It dates back to the 10th century and from the 1400’s it was owned by the Riccardi family in Florence, who were bankers and relatives of the Medici.



The borgo consists of basically one street and one square. This wonderful tower with a crumbling clock rises above the piazza.



The herringbone paving in front of the tower.



To the left of the square is the villa itself.



The entrance facing the little piazza.




And the garden entrance with the grand staircase around the corner.





To paraphrase the Brits: This is an area of outstanding historical beauty. Being here fills you with awe and reverent exaltation.






One of the two village churches.



The southern road up to the village.



Behind the villa is the second church. And, to our surprise, this one is open for Mass every Sunday morning.



The village is surrounded by olive groves, rural ruins and distant blue hills.



I wonder what will happen to Villa Saletta. Rumour has it that it has been bought by a foreign developer. If I ever return, this place might look – and feel – very different.



For a few more photos of Villa Saletta in black and white, see my blogpost Borgo fantasma.



2 comments on “Villa Saletta

  1. undrande says:

    Men hur kan man bara överge en by så där? Den ser ju underbar ut.

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