The converted church


A friend pointed me in the direction of this little alley, with a little church at the end. The church has been deconsecrated and converted into a home.






I haven’t managed to find the name of the church yet, but if you are curious to see what it looks like inside, have a peek at the architect’s website here.




While I was looking for the converted church I stumbled upon this. A derilict but lovely little chapel in a courtyard. What a bonus!



I’ll try to find out more about this place as well. Doesn’t it seem to say Teatro on the rusty sign? Teatro culturale?






I always sneak into open courtyards and even doors if I can, and often it pays off! 🙂



4 comments on “The converted church

  1. Sarah Thompson says:

    can you tell me where these two ‘churches’ are exactly?!

    • CL says:

      Via degli Asili, one on each side. The derilict one is next to a big white old building that looks like a school of some kind. On the other side it is connected to a more modern white building, maybe a pre-school?

  2. hemmaturist says:


  3. barbro says:

    Most certainly Teatro Culturale maybe with a Comedia in the top row.

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