At water level – the port



Since Livorno is built around the port and the canals, a boat trip is a great way to see the city. But it took a visit from Swedish friends for me to finally get round to booking a tour.



In two blog posts I’ll show you a little bit of what we saw on this sunny day in April.



The tour started in the outer part of the port, so we took a walk over the bridge to the Molo Mediceo, the Medici pier. It’s a nice walk along the 16th century walls with its fortification tower. Here and there you see people fishing with rods.



From the pilots’ quay you see the old silo and the Corsica ferry (and in between them the tiny steeple of San Ferdinando church in Venezia).



I was really impressed with our guide Lucia, who alternated flawlessly between English and Italian without a second’s pause for the whole hour.



On our way in to town we passed ferries, cruise ships and private yachts, all looking enormous from our point of view.



The inner, old port, is where the fishing boats are berthed and the quays are filled with nets and tackle. The Livornesi love their fish and seafood.



The old silo up close. Some people find it hideous, but I love it. I have a weak spot for this kind of architecture. And wouldn’t it be great as a tourist centre/exhibition hall/hotel, perfectly located near the ferries and cruise ships?



Passing the Fortezza Vecchia, the old fortress, with Matilda’s keep hiding behind the palazzo of Ferdinando I de Medici. It stands on the bastion Canaviglia, which was named after the Neapolitan admiral Cesare Cavaniglia. Somehow the Livornesi found it easier to transpose a few letters and pronounce it Canaviglia instead, and so the bastion is called up until this day!



One of the marble lions adorning the bastions. As we pass this kittie, we enter the canal system, but that part of the tour will take place in my next post (see it here).





4 comments on “At water level – the port

  1. fagott42 says:

    I agree with you on architecture like the old silo. There are some very nice industrial buildings in the Gothenburg shipyard area that have been given a new life with new interiors.

  2. Lejonjägaren says:

    Fort, silon och jellon är grejer det! Liksom hamnar och torn.
    Roligt att kunna turista via din kamera.

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