A chosen photo


Apologies for my recent silence, so much is going on and I want to tell you all about it! But one thing at a time.

The first good news is this exhibition/competition I entered. Uno sguardo dentro la città (A look inside the city), an exhibition with all mobile shots from Livorno. Each participant could send in up to five photos, one of them was chosen for the exhibition and of those exhibited five were chosen winners.



My photo was chosen a winner! Me, an outsider and even a foreigner! You can imagine my overwhelming joy!

Last night was the awards. My friend Sarah was one of the “prominent persons” invited to give the awards. (She promises she wasn’t in the jury as well! 😉 ) Another friend, Marino who is the kind man of the water company, who showed me the Cisternone, the Cisternino and the Sorgenti di Colognole, was able to represent me and receive my prize. A framed blow up of my photo. It will look good in a very special place, that I will you about later!


sguardoBefore the awards


Here you can see all the entries for the competition and here are the five winners.



7 comments on “A chosen photo

  1. anne says:

    Congratulations. A wonderful photograph

  2. fagott42 says:

    How thrilling! Congratulations!

  3. imponerad says:

    Verkligen en fin bild – klassiskt fotografi om jag får säga det själv.

    (Är det en komet uppe på balustraden? Och vad står det? Vad är det för en byggnad egentligen?)

  4. Marie says:

    Vad roligt Catharina, stort grattis!

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