No April fools’ joke


Remember this horsey? He was Teaser number 10.
He is actually a marble rock carving, no kidding. I’ll show you where he belongs.



Next to him is a carving of a little tower, a depiction very true to the original…



…as we can establish just by raising our eyes a bit. The horse and the tower are inscriptions in the parapets of the Ponte di Marmo (Marble bridge) in the Venezia district.



The tower and one of the saddest houses in Venezia, empty for years…



The bridge was built in the early 17th century and this “graffiti” was made by Livornese boatmen.



Many of the inscriptions are worn and difficult to interpret, others are still very clear.



The marble bridge, one of many bridges in the 17th century Venezia neighbourhood.




3 comments on “No April fools’ joke

  1. också nyfiken says:

    Sicka grejer du hittar!

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