Torre della Meloria



First things first: location. We’re looking for a tower here. A tower in the middle of the sea. And it is visible in this view over the Terrazza Mascagni, but just barely. The sun goes down right inbetween two tiny dots. These are the tower and the lighthouse which share the name of Meloria. See them?




Having a zoom lens has its advantages. This is probably as close to the tower islet as I’ll ever come, unless some kind person offers me a boat trip (hint, hint ;-)). The foreground shows the Vegliaia breakwater, a late 19th century construction to protect the port. But the history of the Meloria tower stretches way further back.




The first tower was built by the Pisans in the 12th century to mark dangerous shallows. It was destroyed by the Genovese in 1286, two years after the Battle of Meloria in which Genoa’s fleet defeated Pisa’s and Pisa was never to rise again as a naval power.
Tower number two was erected by the Grand Duke Ferdinando I in 1598, but was eventually demolished by the forces of the sea.
The current Torre della Meloria dates from 1709. Resting on high arches it is designed to better resist the waves. And how impressive it looks out there, 7 km from the shore.







2 comments on “Torre della Meloria

  1. hemmagris says:

    Torn och fyrar är spännande!
    Tur att du kunde zooma in för oss soffresenärer.

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