Fortezza Nuova reopened


The last five years the Fortezza Nuova has been closed to the public. This was as far as you could get. A gate to the only bridge connecting this moat surrounded fortress with the rest of the city.



These photos are from last October, when I was able to have a look inside the fortress walls. It was a sticky, grey day, lots of mosquitoes. The humidity crept into the lens and created hazy stains. I set the camera on hdr mode and hoped for the best.


The fortezza was hit hard by the second world war bombings and most buildings inside it were destroyed. After the war the fortress provided temporary lodgings for people who had lived in the demolished city centre and were waiting for their homes to be rebuilt.




After that the area was transformed into a large public park, with great views over the city.



These photos would have looked very different if taken yesterday when the Livornese came in hoards for the grand reopening of the park.



We would have seen the mayor Cosimi making a speech, children swinging and climbing the canons, food and sweets for sale, live music and dancing.



This gallery would have been packed with people for the new art exhibition on display.



I bet the large colony of fortezza cats wondered what was going on. Their own island suddenly invaded after five years of peace and quiet!

These kitties are being looked after by a ‘gattara’, a ‘cat lady’ who feeds them out of her own pocket and gives them medicine. I was lucky enough to meet her when she came to feed the cats. A gentle and kind woman. Clearly putting the cats’ wellbeing before her own.



It will be interesting to revisit the fortezza now that it’s open to the public again. But next time I’ll remember to cover myself in mosquito repellents!



3 comments on “Fortezza Nuova reopened

  1. f d museimänniska says:

    Finfint ställe! Valven ser bekanta ut…

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