Postmodern Livorno


There are not too many postmodern buildings in Livorno – and I didn’t realise this (to the left) was one of them when I first saw it. I just thought the green shutters were a bit too… minty?



At the front side the strict facade lines up quite compliantly next to its older and very elegant neighbour.



It’s just that annoying mint green shutter colour and, if you look closely, a minor disorder among the window lintels that stands out from the ordinary.



But on the back side the facade opens up in various shapes, including the typical oversized portal and the palladian crescent windows (which we recognize from the Cisternone and the Cisternino).



The mammoth gable arch finishes off the postmodern classical design.



This area around the Pontino and the Dogana d’Acqua is among my favourites. Where canals crisscross, and the same goes for architectural styles.



2 comments on “Postmodern Livorno

  1. bastuba says:

    The gable arch is absolutely magnificent!

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