The springs of Colognole


Teaser number 9 was a tricky one, I admit. If you haven’t been out into the woods to see the springs of Colognole, you could never guess such a place exists. After driving right out into the hills well outside of Livorno, on treacherous dirt roads that the rains had flushed away, we found ourselves in the middle of a fairytale hamlet. Small huts and houses, all mossy and tolkienesque in a whimsical scheme of roads and walls and bridges and stairs.



This little temple contains the first well, the origin of this whole system of sources and hidden waterways that used to provide all of Livorno with fresh water. Nowadays only the nearby villages get their water from these springs.



Inside the building are benches around the well. “A place for meditation, isn’t it?” said the man from the water company. I agree. Quite wonderful!



This is the start of the 18 km long passeggiata (walk) transporting the water from the springs via Cisternino and all the way in to the Cisternone. It was built so that one could could actually walk above the water all the way in to the city centre.



Inside the first pumphouse at the bottom of the slope.



The walls are enormous and enhanced the feeling of being in a forgotten city from some long gone civilization…



The drizzling rain also added to the dark beauty and the mystery, and made the moss shine luminously.



I don’t know what to call this architectural style. But I know that what comes to my mind is bonbonnieres 🙂



This was an experience beyond my wildest imagination and I am so grateful to have been dragged out into the wilderness to see this unique and intriguing place. I will treasure this day always.



And meanwhile the passeggiata goes on further and further into the woods…


Edit: More in black and white from the Colognole springs here.



8 comments on “The springs of Colognole

  1. Claudio says:

    Great, Matilda, many many thanks to let see our city with your splendid eyes!

  2. väldigt imponerad says:

    Oh, vilket fantastiskt ställe! Tänk vad allt vatten kan ge upphov till.

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