Renewed love


Today Matilda’s Keep’s blog stats hit a historic high and the number of visitors increased by a couple of thousand percent, thanks to some well-placed links on social media by kind people that I don’t even know. Thank you!

When someone tells me that my photos make them see their home town in a new light or give them a renewed love for it, that makes me very happy indeed. For me that is the best reviews possible.

This is for you, all new Livornese visitors to this humble blog – and to all of you who have yet to discover this Tuscan gem of Livorno.



4 comments on “Renewed love

  1. påhejare says:

    Grattis! Dina bilder är väl värda att ses.

  2. bastuba says:

    This photo is music! Not Debussy Reflections on water, but rather Arvo Pert’s Spiegel im
    Spiegel. So calm, so peaceful.

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