A winter week in Livorno

DSC_4235Fosso Reale, the main canal.


So, here I am again. Back in Livorno, and for the first time it’s not too hot for this panting Northerner! Really, winter in Tuscany is seriously underestimated by tourists. Especially the countryside is magical in its muted colours.

This time I’m renting a place that sounds like a contradiction – a garden cottage in the city centre, a lovely pink stone house from the year 1800. All is perfect except the wifi that doesn’t want to work, so my updates here will not be as frequent asI would wish.

The more when I get home though, because I am seeing some really beautiful and exciting things!



2 comments on “A winter week in Livorno

  1. båtglad says:

    Trist med teknikens brister men det ger dig mer tid att njuta på plats.
    “Vi väntar med spänning på nästa sändning”, som Hasse & Tage myntade.

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