Modigliani’s house


The painter and sculptor Amedeo Modigliani was born in Livorno, in this house in Via Roma. The second floor has been made in to a museum which opens on weekends on request. Luckily, my landlord and his family were the initiators of the museum, so I got a private viewing Sunday morning. And was able to photograph, which is otherwise not allowed.



The museum apartment contains no original works of Modigliani’s, but lots of photos and letters as well as reproductions. I was told all floors were original though, they are quite spectacular with different tiles in every room.



In what was originally the kitchen you can see photos of Amedeo’s grandmother, who ran a private school in the building. My landlord is related to the Modigliani family and his mother went to this school.



I found it moving that the old sink was still there.



Again, marvellous floor tiles beneath some great photo portraits of the artist. He was quite a looker!



Amedeo in his Paris studio.



One room in the museum flat, the one with the hypnotic 3D floor, is dedicated to contemporary artists paying homage to Modigliani or copying his style. This is the one I liked the best, I think it’s quite clever:



Should you want to visit the Modigliani birthplace museum, please contact Cooperativa Amaranta at 320 88 87 044 or the tourist office.



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