Four consecutives in Magenta


Don’t try this kids. Don’t stand in the middle of Via Magenta. This photo is deceptive. It is really a very busy street and chances are you’ll be run over quite quickly. But since I wanted this shot for you, I gambled a bit. We’re aiming for the grand church, Santa Maria del Soccorso.



As we come closer and the Piazza della Vittoria park expands on both sides, we find this war monument with Victory at the top. She gave the piazza it’s name. Although people still use the old name, Piazza Magenta.



Santa Maria del Soccorso is the largest church in Livorno. Standing in front of the giant doors you feel how impressive it is. That feeling is not diminished as we enter. This church goes on forever. Built in the mid 1800’s its interior was designed to emulate Brunelleschi’s Santo Spirito in Florence.




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