A neo-Gothic dream ruined


This is the Fosso Reale canal with the Dutch church to the right. I have written about this Chiesa degli Olandesi before. Thanks to Giacomo of Livorno Daily Photo and Matteo Giunti of Livorno delle Nazioni I was able to go inside during my last trip and see the interior.



This picture from the organ gallery gives an idea of both the beauty and the devastation of the church hall. Large parts of the ceiling have fallen in, but the roof is still intact.

(For this and the following two photos I owe Stefano Ceccarini a big thanks. He kindly brought my camera where I didn’t dare go myself.)



Except for over the vestry where it collapsed a few years ago, leaving free way to both rain and pidgeons.


Sadly, the pidgeons have easy access through the broken stained windows as well.



The floor is completely covered in bird droppings. The stench is heavy.


This church was built for the Dutch-German congregation and was finished in 1864. I learned that there actually is a connection between my home country and this building, since Sweden helped raising funds to erect it. One of many links between Sweden and Livorno.
So can’t we join in and help save this gem before it is too late?

The Facebook group Salviamo la Chiesa degli Olandesi is found here. More information also through the Livorno delle Nazioni website.



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