Shangay. One of the roughest areas in Livorno. Built in the 1930’s for working class families, it was eventually named by the people. Intentionally misspelled. One explanation is that they thought it looked like houses in Asia they’d seen on photos. The area next to it is called Corea 🙂



These kind of neighbourhoods attract me. Eventually you tire of pretty sights and beautiful pallazi. You want the real deal. And in Shangay I’m sure it could get more real than you’d prefer sometimes.



There is a Casa del Popolo in Shangay, The People’s House. It is a shabby place in a shabby piazza, but it has some really nice graffiti painted onto it.



Beautifully shaped sea animals chase each other all around the building.



Fish and birds and not so nice scribble of later date.



Unfortunately the paintings are in bad shape since the plaster is falling off.



Which is the case on more of the facades in Shangay. It will be interesting to follow what happens to these houses. I don’t know about you, but to me they do own a certain kind of beauty.




4 comments on “Shangay

  1. bastuba says:

    Love the colours! But… shabby chic is one thing to visit and quite another to live in. I know. It is contagious.

  2. hemmasittande medresenÀr says:

    En klart annan bild av Livorno.
    Den stora figuren vid torget ser ut som om den kom frÄn Mumindalen. JÀttefina rÀkor och fiskar.

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