Via Roma



Via Roma starts at Piazza Attias and stretches out to the right of Livorno’s own Flatiron building.  Just look at the striking resemblance!



Well, of course it’s smaller, what did you expect? Livorno has only 160.000 inhabitants…



And not all flatiron buildings has balconies carried by lions.



Via Rome is of course the old southbound road to Rome. Today it is lined with all types of houses. Where I stayed it looks quite traditional…



But turn around and you see an eclectic mix of architecture in this six street junction. Including Livorno’s highest building in the background. Supermarket Pam to the right is where I did most of my shopping. Trying to blend in with the locals… 😉



And this shiny turquoise house which I am rather fond of. Especially when the balconies cast their shadows like this.



“My” house was a bit older, a lovely little palazzo from around 1850. The attic flat is on the other side, overlooking quiet courtyards and gardens. A good place to stay!




2 comments on “Via Roma

  1. husofil says:

    Apropå strykjärnshus så är vi i Sverige inte sämre, vi har ju Arbetets museum i Motala ström, Norrköping.
    Var du förresten uppe på takterrassen på ditt hus nånting? Ser flott ut.

    Aplejon och näbbgäddor – vilket menageri!

    • CS says:

      Inte dåligt eller hur? Finns en djuraffär på gatan också 🙂
      Takterrassen hörde till en annan lgh men jag nöjde mig gott med min lilla balkong.
      Nån gång ska jag se Arbetets museum!

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