Spiagge bianche


Spiagge bianche means white beaches. And this one in Vada, about 30 km south of Livorno, is really white.



It’s like a Caribbean paradise beach, totally deserted this Wednesday in the end of October.



Maybe cold drinks and ice cream are sold here in Summer. Or beach chairs?



The only sign of life is the kite surfers further south.



The sea is still warm and lovely. Can you feel it?



If you look the other direction, you see the somewhat unexpected cause of the whiteness. The enormous baking soda factory. The byproducts are being dumped into the sea and blends with the sand, making the beach look tropical. There are different views on the risks of swimming here, but more voices are being raised against the effluents.



Aerial view from Google maps, I marked the factory area.



8 comments on “Spiagge bianche

  1. K says:

    Beautiful, breathtaking pictures. Tropical, indeed.

  2. K says:

    Coconut flavour? 😉

  3. MrsUniversum says:

    Jag tycker om badstränder out of season! Mi piace!

  4. alltid lika badnödig says:

    Varför draksegla när man tydligen kan fräsa runt som en sprittande badbomb i havet med hjälp av allt bakpulverslagg.

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