Saturday – going home


Pisa through the train window

Leaving my cosy flat at 10 am and the flight home from Pisa is at 9 pm. Looooong day and I have to be cunning to make my energy last all the way home. So, step one is take the train to Pisa and leave my luggage at the station. Then on to Lucca, which is an adorable town with the station right outside the medieval city walls.



Lucca turned out to be a good choice. I walked the wall…



…sat on parch benches…



…walked the wall some more…



sat on other park benches…



…walked the wall again and met a girl with a wolf…



sat down at a nice restaurant…



…and had cinghiale ai cioccolate – wild boar in chocolate sauce. A perfect dish: main course and dessert in one! (It was actually really good)



Then I walked along the little canal and found a gigantic ash tray…



…and saw lovely houses.



Then it was time to catch the train back to Pisa, get my bags and go to the airport. I thought I had spent my day in a very clever way, both regarding beauty input and resource conservation.

(If you would like to see more than park benches from Lucca, here are some photos from my last visit.)



But from then it all went pear-shaped.  Airport was packed and check-in chaotic, heat and humidity unbearable, rumours circling about our plane being late, and on top of that these hoards of Swedish golfers holding up the lines with their ridiculous luggage. I can do many things despite my physical shortcomings, but standing is not one of them.

After one hour, having advanced the ten metres up to the desk, I was told my plane was going to be 3 hours late. By then I was ready to be carried away on a stretcher, but instead I managed to order myself some dinner at the steakhouse and sit down with a glass of red. The place was closing and the chef was obviously in a hurry to go home, because I was served half raw pork and left still hungry. After that a four hour wait at the gate, where the air condition actually worked, creating an arctic climate.



By then I was just a bit tempted to echo the ever present “Pisa merda” (Pisa shit, which is written and expressed in every way at every opportunity by the Livornese to scorn their neighbour town).

This last day is not what I will remember most from this trip, but right now the lumbago and the fifty mosquito bites are my most obvious souvenirs. They will all go away, and be replaced by memories of kind, lovely people, generous gifts, wonderful walks and spectacular beauty. It was a great week. Thanks a million everyone!




2 comments on “Saturday – going home

  1. påhejare says:

    Göta Petter, vilken vecka – förstår om du känner dig mör.
    Bra jobbat dock på fotofronten!

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