Piazza XX Settembre



So, what about Teaser No 4? The bee swarm and the cloak?



They belong to the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Leopoldo II, who can finally breathe again. Piazza Venti Settembre has recently been cleared of the old market stalls of Mercatino Americano that used to clutter the whole square.



The church of San Benedetto at the far end of the piazza.
What do you think of Livorno without colour? I didn’t want the ugly graffiti to dominate the middle photo, so I made it black and white. I kinda liked it.



6 comments on “Piazza XX Settembre

  1. bastuba says:

    How very clever of you! I didn’t notice the grafitti until you mentioned it. Such an excellent way to emphasize the important part of the photo.

  2. K says:

    Agree with Bastuba. And the last picture is soulful. Great editing.

  3. undrande says:

    Fiffigt! Svartvitt är grejer det.
    Men vet du varför hertigen har en bikupa vid fötterna?

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