I didn’t have to go far for this morning’s date. At a cafe in Piazza Attias I met Silvia who has written a book about the Acque della Salute and we discussed possible components for my Stockholm exhibition.



Then we took a trip around abandoned villas in Montenero, the mountain overlooking Livorno from the south.



Villa Maurogordato is the most derelict. The garden is made into a dog park so you can get quite close to the buildings. Humidity hit 95% and I had problems with condensation on the lenses. And on myself too…



After our sightseeing I was dropped off in Ardenza which has a stunning boardwalk…



and some stunning houses.



After lunch I took three walks in different directions close to my house. First through a small giardino pubblico which rather grand entrance doesn’t quite correspond to the rest of the garden…



… where I met this new friend who finally understood that I am from Sweden, not Switzerland.



Then along the lovely Via degli Archi which in some parts reminded me of Copenhagen or Gothenburg.



The grand Piazza della Vittoria  with the war monument which gave the former Piazza Magenta its new name. Which nobody seems to be using. It’s still Magenta.



A church from the 1960’s who does free courses in Italian for foreign women in Livorno. Might come in handy, who knows?



And finally a spectacular medieval castle in Via Calzabigi.



I arrived just a little too late for the sunset at Terrazza Mascagni, forgetting how quickly dusk falls here in the South…



4 comments on “Thursday

  1. bastuba says:

    You seem to have quite an extensive collection of gates and entrances. An exhibition theme? And
    the castle at Via Calzabigi is abesolutely beautiful!!!

  2. blådåre says:

    Oh, vilken vacker skymningshimmel!
    Förresten, varför var villorna i Montenero övergivna?

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