Finally Friday 9 am. The main purpose of this whole trip. To get another photo shoot inside the Acque della Salute for the exhibition. And wasn’t I lucky!  It was the only morning of the whole week that had sun to create exactly the light effects I was after. Brilliant.
Alina came along as my “caddie” carrying my backpack with extra lenses and tripod. Thank God for that invaluable help! Silvia came too and shot a short film for a national project.



This is of course Teaser No 5. The wondrous art nouveau spa establishment created around five wells of health bringing water. Its beauty is overwhelming, even is this derelict and overgrown condition.



The photo session was much too short but I did my best and afterwards I could have fallen asleep standing up I think.  But my caddie and driver Alina took me to new adventures across town. This is Porta San Marco with its huge evangelist lion.



And while Alina found a new friend on the street and talked about partisans and the railway, something highly improbable happened to me –  I met Teo again! I didn’t recognize his owner at all, only the little dachshund himself. His owner Renato was thrilled and couldn’t understand how on earth I could remember his dog. Kisses and big smiles followed, as so often with strangers in Livorno.




What Alina wanted to show me was this old steam locomotive spending its retirement age in front of a school building.



Then we went to see the old San Marco train station, no longer in use and deprived of all embellishments and even its rails. The guys working with the crane cars and heavy trucks looked suspiciously at us, clearly two nutters, happily  sneaking around and photographing where there was absolutely nothing to see!




I said arrivederci to Alina and went home for some food and change of shoes. Sandal bliss! (Although the Livornesi think you’re crazy to wear open shoes in October, no matter how hot…)
Waiting to hear from and meet another friend I went down to the old harbour. Across the water you see the Grand Duke Ferdinando I and the Four Moors.



The smell of fishing nets may not be the most pleasant one I know, but it is something I was brought up with, so I feel right at home.



Here the Mastio di Matilde, Matilda’s keep, behind the walls of Fortezza Vecchia. And the part of the harbour that turned out to be military area and forbidden to walk. As I was told to leave the premisses by a man on a boat I was wondering if it wouldn’t be easier just to put up a sign instead. But maybe they like the personal touch better…



Since my friend had to work late I spent my last evening at Terrazza Mascagni. Where else? Together with Fabrizio the parachuter and Paco the pug I watched the sun set in the most beautiful manner and talked about Manhattan, Livorno and cruise ships. A well spent evening indeed!



2 comments on “Friday

  1. frågvis says:

    Oj vad fint med solljuset som silar in!
    Vad är det förresten för en mystisk toppig hög framför Aqua Salute på den andra bilden?

    Lejonjägaren undrar om du fick någon kläm på varför Sankt Markuslejonet är fixat på mitten?
    Återkommande hundmöten är aldrig fel.

    • CS says:

      Vet inget mer om jellonet tyvärr. Än. Jobbar på det.
      Den toppiga högen är en överväxt springbrunn med nån liten skulptur i. Ska se om jag kan hitta den på några äldre bilder.
      För övrigt ser jag fram emot nästa möte med Teo.

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