On Tuesday the sun came out and I went to see a man about a horse. Or actually it was the Mayor about an exhibition. His office is in this grand palace and the whole layup is designed to make you feel small and insignificant, from security to the grotesquely gigantic Venetian chandeliers. Luckily I am too old to be intimidated and the Mayor was a friendly chap.



I was treated to a specialty I hadn’t heard of, caffè ginseng. It was a cup of very little coffee, an awful amount of sugar and a bit of ginseng. But it went down 🙂

(Since I am not a caffeinist at all I will proudly mark this day as the day I had my first whole cup of coffee. Although it was tiny, and not real coffee…)



I was dropped off at the Mercato Centrale with orders to take lots of photos of this enormous, Liberty style food palace. Must be one of the largest in Italy, I think.



Before lunch I had a really long walk, including seeing one of Livorno’s smallest houses…



snooping around the old public baths near Barriera Garibaldi…




a couple of historical cemeteries…



and the vividly decorated Casa del Popolo in the Shanghai neighbourhood…



In the afternoon I had a photo shoot in this marvellous building. My very first love in this town. The great water cistern, still containing Livorno’s drinking water. This was Teaser No 3.



The interior looks like a church, a cathedral dedicated to water. The vaults and the black water are lit only by a few windows, creating tremendous beauty.  And although the acoustics are fantastic and every echo bounces forever, all you really want to do is whisper. A true religious experience, we all agreed, the water company people and I.



After that massive treat I just wanted to wander around in the sunshine for a while, so I popped in to the Parco Pubblico next door and photographed ball playing children and empty animals’ cages. Yes, more about those later…



Leaving the park at the other side I managed to get lost within the large hospital area, and when I finally made my way out I took the wrong turn and ended up a very very long way from home.  Very typical me. What’s wrong with getting a map?



So. This was a really really long day. I won’t bore you one bit with details of excessive pain and sleepless nights and did I mention pain? But I’ll tell you that this fibromyalgic body and stress fractured foot of mine didn’t exactly join the little pedometer man in ecstatic jubilation!



4 comments on “Tuesday

  1. K says:

    Want more!!!

  2. också med vatten som rätt element says:

    Vattencisternen lockar!
    Du får gärna avslöja vad den lilla lanterninen fyllde för funktion, som syntes på bilden vi fick gissa på.

    • CS says:

      Den var ju helt sagolik. Kommer mera i sinom tid. Jag kan avslöja att lanterninen var uppe på “vinden”, ovanför valven.

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