Monday brought rain. A lot of it.
No problem, I bought a full-length rain poncho before I went since I had read the forecast predicting “torrential rain”! It is colossal and makes me look absolutely ridiculous, but who cares. It keeps both me and my camera dry.



First stop: the synagogue. And this is also the answer to Teaser No 2. The old sinagoga of Livorno was destroyed during the war and this new one was finished in 1962. It has quite a stunning architecture, I have already posted photos on the exterior, here.



After that I took a walk along the seaside where I found this painted wall with a free interpretation of Livorno’s most famous statue, The Four Moors.




My goal, of course, the Terrazza Mascagni. The wet look really suits the checkerboard and the balustrade. I was not completely alone, but almost. A fabulous hour or so, during which the heavy rains kindly made a pause.



After a late lunch it was time to visit another beautiful sacred place, although in a very sad state. The Chiesa degli Olandesi, the Dutch church, which I was told was used for concerts still in the 1980’s. Now in decay almost beyond hope… This was Teaser No 1.



My blog friend from Livorno Daily Photo took me around town for a nice walk by the canals. Here Scali del Pontino with Fortezza Nuova to the left. Still rainy but not too bad. Cameras and umbrellas took turns, up – down – up – down…

Dinner at home, early to bed, big day tomorrow!



2 comments on “Monday

  1. väldigt nyfiken says:

    Sicka ställen!

    Är nyfiken på vad motivet för Aptitretaren nr 2 kan vara i en synagoga. Skåpet där man förvarar Torahrullarna?
    Och på vilket sätt har Holländska kyrkan Livorno anknytning till gamla Svedala?

    • CS says:

      Det kommer så småningom! Jag vet, det är bara nya teasers egentligen. Ska göra riktiga inlägg om vart och ett av ställena.

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