Sunday started with a visit to the painter Modigliani’s birthplace. It is in Via Roma and my landlord’s family, who are related to Modigliani, have put together a museum showing photos and prints.  Lovely. I love those “This is where it happened” places! Walking those beautiful floor tiles that Amedeo ran across as a child…



After a couple of hours in the company of Modi, it was time to go shopping for necessities and do a bit of lunch. Walking through the city centre and getting acquainted again after a few months since my last visit. I prefer to prepare my own meals at home, and usually it looks something like this. Simple but good. And whatever wine you buy at the supermarket is excellent.



After lunch and some rest I was off to Terrazza Mascagni. A magic return! I stayed until sunset. The sky and the light changes constantly over the sea and the checkerboard floor. I find it very hard to leave that place.



But dusk falls quickly and suddenly it’s all dark and time to go home.  Dinner and an early night completes my Sunday. I am content.




6 comments on “Sunday

  1. K says:

    Lovely pictures, as usual 🙂

    Stupis question – Amedeo, that’s “Modi”, right?

  2. bastuba says:

    Hard to understand that the lovely carpet is not a carpet but floor tiles!

  3. blådåre says:

    Oj, vilken fin skymning vid havet!
    Spännande söndag.

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