Day 1. Arriving from Pisa airport late, taxi driver dropped me off at Piazza Attias which is the young people’s square in Livorno.  Where there used to be a beautiful old private home, Villa Attias, is now a collection of quite quirky modern buildings from the late 60’s. And you can’t miss the giant “A” which was put up just two years ago.


DSC_1728 .

The very grand entrance of the palazzino in which I had rented the mansarda, the attic apartment. Amazing what you can find on the internet!



It was easy to like the lovely flat and I had a good first night in a bed that wasn’t quite as hard as Italian beds usually are. Grateful about that. Now, adventures!



8 comments on “Saturday

  1. bastuba says:

    The Thonet chairs are so nice in tha room!

  2. undrande Lejonjägaren says:

    Ska de där två ödlorna som kantar mattan i entrén föreställa jellon, eller?

  3. förväntansfulla Lejonjägaren igen says:

    Glömde ju skriva: Jösses, vilken flott entré!
    Roligt att din lya var till fyllest ock.

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