Teaser No 3


Teaser number three is something you will never ever guess – unless you know me well enough to know what I am up to every day. But please feel free to have a go! It was the most wonderful adventure, mostly in the dark, so filled with magic and beauty. I am so in awe and it is a place I will keep in my heart forever.  My only regret is that my Livornese friend and mentor couldn’t come along.



6 comments on “Teaser No 3

  1. anne says:

    Oh! an eye !

  2. CS says:

    Yes! But what does it see? 😉

  3. bastuba says:


  4. gissare says:

    De där tre bulorna bortåt tror jag är valv fast ovanpå – en kyrkvind? Men den lilla lanterninen är skum.

    Är månne alla tre kittlingarna från en och samma byggnad?

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