Fortezza Vecchia



Fortezza vecchia means old fortress. In Livorno the Fortezza Vecchia is placed like a lock in the harbour. It was constructed between 1518 and 1534 around the small Medieval fortification which was the original Livorno.



It is an impressive structure. The fortress survived the heavy bombings during the war, but was damaged. Until recently it was used for all kinds of events, but the public no longer has access.



The cracks are clearly visible, in some places the walls are held together with huge staples. Yes, it is the Medieval tower Matilda’s keep stretching up behind the bastion.



Two of the three bastions, the first with the lovely little house overlooking the outer port. How’s that for a holiday home?



Aerial view courtesy Google.



6 comments on “Fortezza Vecchia

  1. K says:

    Impressive! Too bad it’s crumbling.

  2. VP says:

    There aren’t safety problems here, but only lack of organization. Until last year the fortress was open for exhibitions and visits. The fortress survived bravely the air raids losing only its superstructure, now partly rebuilt. The Capitana bastion was smashed only because a bomb centered a German ammunition depot stored inside. A 500 Kg bomb was found and disposed of in September 2011, during the excavation of the nearby canal.

  3. the Lionhunter says:

    MÀktigt vÀrre! Och jellonet Àr vÀldigt maffigt det med, antagligen görstort.
    HÀr gÀller det att hÄlla ringen rÀtt i mun.

    (VĂ€ldigt mycket som stĂ„r och förfaller Livorno – synd. Vi borde bussa pĂ„ dem en massa svenska turister som kunde förbĂ€ttra ekonomin.)

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