Chiesa degli Olandesi



There is a church in Livorno which is literally falling to pieces. The Chiesa degli Olandesi by the Fosso Reale canal, opposite the Mercato Centrale.




It is such a sad sight, the sidewalk has been cut off due to the danger of stones crumbling down. The top pinnacles have been removed for safety reasons, leaving three chopped stubs.




The neo-gothic church was finished in 1864, housing the Dutch and German congregation up until the second world war.  Its organ was said to be the finest in Tuscany, but it was stolen during the war.  The diminishing congregation was dissolved in the 1960’s. After some alternative uses, the church was abandoned.



A water leak sped up the decay and the beautiful space with such fine acoustics, where Segovia once played at a concert,  is now a giant pigeonry. There is a will among many to save the Dutch church, but it seems quite a challenge.


chiesa olandese


6 comments on “Chiesa degli Olandesi

  1. snoogiefisk says:

    Aww, that’s soo sad…There is a very old gothic looking church in the small town that I live in. The poor thing is crumbling but the owner refuses to sell. She was the last remaining member of the church so it was given to her. The rules are she is only allowed to sell it to someone who intends to keep it as a church. We wanted to make a house out of it. Instead it is dying in its spot..

    • CS says:

      Snoogiefisk, that’s so sad. One can perhaps understand their intentions, but somewhere along the road it becomes just wrong. I wonder if they wouldn’t see their church become a beloved home rather than falling into ruins…

  2. deltagande says:

    Det skär verkligen i hjärtat när en vacker byggnad får stå och förfalla så.
    Var är alla rika olandäser någonstans?

  3. K says:

    Happy pigeons, having such plush accomodations 😉

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