The new old canal of Venezia



The district of Livorno surrounded and crisscrossed by canals is called Venezia Nuova. It was built using the same techniques as in the Venice we perhaps know better, the Venezia of the Venetian lagoon.

Livorno needed its canals, both for trade reasons, merchants needed to have direct contact with the harbour, but also because Livorno (like Florence and other Tuscan cities) was built on marshy ground and the canals helped cleansing the sick water.

Nowadays these reasons should be of less importance. So it is kind of odd that a new canal has been dug in Venezia.

Well, not completely new, since there was a canal once that had been filled up long ago and replaced by a piazza.  But since 2011 it is a canal again. And very new it looks too.

Why, you may ask.

I haven’t really found any answers. But here’s my friend Giacomo’s photos from the dig and his points of view. Click “See also” to follow the whole process.



There should be a foot bridge over the canal, but still there’s just a metal bar marking it. I guess the money ran out into the harbour…
But the poppies are lovely and the backdrop does offer a nice view over the top of the Fortezza Vecchia and Matilda’s Keep!



2 comments on “The new old canal of Venezia

  1. badglad says:

    Öppet vatten säger man ju aldrig nej till.

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