Gone fishing



One April morning at the Molo Mediceo, the Medici Pier. Men of all ages are rod fishing in the already burning sun.




Each in their own style.




Silence. Wait. Patience.







This man and I have a nice conversation about Nikon cameras and bait. His English is as bad as my Italian, but where there’s a will, there’s a way…



For those of you who might wonder about the views from the pier and the little lighthouses – here’s an aerial view from Google over the harbour, with the top of the Molo Mediceo marked and the huge breakwater outside of it .



2 comments on “Gone fishing

  1. en som suktar efter ro says:

    Oh, vad härligt det ser ut! Man borde fiska mera i sina dar.
    Om man nu bara tordes hanskas med fisharna.

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