Montenero is just south of Livorno and offers spectacular views. Fancy a trip there?



First, take bus number 2 from Piazza Grande and get off at the end station. The same ticket will take you further up the hill, by funicular railway. The yellow house is the station for the over a hundred year old Funicolare di Montenero, so let’s enter.



This was the first electric funicular in Italy, built in 1906. After the 1990’s renovation it became the world’s first solar-powered funicular!  It’s automated and driverless.
When I went in April, I was the only tourist on board. The other passengers were senior residents in the houses climbing the  hill, or visitors to the Sanctuary.



After a steep climb, passing villas and gardens and going under lovely little wrought iron footbridges connecting neighbours with each other, we step out and see this. The whole coast stretches out and the cranes and wavebreakers of Livorno are clearly visible even in the sun haze.



Behind us is the Sanctuary of Montenero, a destination for pilgrims ever since the mid 1300’s. This is well worth a visit, especially for the large collection of wonderful home made votive offerings to thank the Madonna of Montenero for helping people in distress.



The little piazza glows in the afternoon sun. A perfect spot for an ice cream or a glass of something maybe?



A nice find is this flower decorated Liberty style villa called Villa Azzurra (meaning blue villa).



Time to go back downhill again, we don’t want to miss the sunset at the Terrazza Mascagni! Our only option except catching a taxi is to take the same route as we came. Enjoy the funicular ride and who knows, while you wait for the bus 2 you might feel so joyous about this trip that you burst out into singing!



5 comments on “Montenero

  1. bastuba says:

    Does the song Funiculi, funicula have anything to do with this place and its funcular railway? My knowledge in Italian is to small to tell from the text his is singing.

    • CS says:

      I think it’s about the funicular in Naples. But I think it’s a just a happy nonsense song, really.

      • CS says:

        Wikipedia says the song is about the funicular at Vesuvius. When I tried to run the lyrics through Google translate most of it turns out to be slang since it doesn’t translate.

  2. blådåre says:

    Gillar stationen, klostret och den spritsade citronvillan – guvlt.

    Hur var det att åka funicular då – läskigt?

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