The Synagogue



The old synagogue of Livorno was built in the mid 1600’s. Sadly it was, like many other places of worship, destroyed in the bombings of WWII.



In 1962 the new synagogue had risen on the same spot. And what an odd looking and interesting building it is! I haven’t been inside, but I hope to some day.



It reminds me of some kind of sea animal. An octopus maybe? With many eyes instead of many arms…



I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like it. Have you?



It’s not often the back side of a house is just as good looking as the front.




10 comments on “The Synagogue

  1. snoogiefisk says:

    Very odd…I love architecture but this one is far fetched for me. It is without logic. I wonder what the inspiration was?

    • CS says:

      Hello snoogiefisk! From my poor Italian I’ve just managed to understand that the shape of this building should resemble the tabernacle or the tent that protected the Ark of the Covenant. So… not a sea animal at all, that’s just my imagination… 😉

  2. bastuba says:

    Intriguing building! I agree that buildings seldom look pleasant from all sides. There is one, however, in Gothenburg, made like a colourful cogwheel.

  3. imponerad says:

    SpÀjsigt, sÀger jag.

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