Politics and pain

Livorno, designed by the Medici’s as an “ideal town”, became a free state for persecuted Jews and Protestants already in the 14th century. From the start it has been a city with a mixed population. Greeks, Armenian, Jews, Dutch, French… No ghettos, equal rights for everyone. Quite unique in Europe.


DSC_0558 .

The mix is still there today. You can feel the openness and acceptance. Livorno is actually quite different from the rest of Tuscany – as I know it with my limited experience.

The Livornese are red. And witty. Always ready to answer back.  Sharp. But always kind.
They remind me of people in my Swedish hometown. The common denominator is that the cities are both large ports.



And politics are ever present. People are not afraid to express their opinion.

The Italian communist party was founded in Livorno in 1921.  And the city still seems to be a strong anti fascist fortress.



In a few streets in Livorno you will find these plaques, or stolpersteins.  They were placed into the pavement to commemorate people who use to live there. People who were deported during WWII and never came back.



This is the most heartbreaking one. Little Franca who was not yet one year old when she was deported to Auschwitz in 1943 and died there the next year.



2 comments on “Politics and pain

  1. tagen says:

    Plaketten tar verkligen andan ur en.

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