New hood


I have been looking for a new flat to rent for my next Livorno stay, since the last one was already booked. I finally found a good one, in an area I know a bit since I got lost in it last time! It holds all kinds of houses, and I want to show you some of them. Like this here above with tile decorations on the wall.



You can find these towered Liberty villas here and there around town, sometimes in unexpected places. I am very fond of them.



“My” house is in the street beginning with this elaborate corner house. It is also the street where the painter Amedeo Modigliani was born.



In sharp contrast to the 19th century architecture stands this new-built house. This is an alley that divides the building in two. I will show you the whole house later when I have better photos.



More Liberty style cream cake dreams. All these houses seem well taken care of, at least all that I have seen.




At exactly this spot I was completely lost on my – as I thought – straight walk to the museum.  The city suddenly turns into these old narrow streets that don’t follow any rules whatsoever. The question mark was certainly fitting my feelings of confusion.




But Livorno also has its own skyscraper! Or, well… sort of. It certainly dominates the skyline on the south side of town. Which of course is great when you’re trying not to get lost!



4 comments on “New hood

  1. bastuba says:

    Sounds nice with a new trip, but I thought you were heading for Rome? Or is that another trip?

  2. the Lionhunter says:

    Aplika jellon!
    De finns överallt.

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