Bagni Pancaldi Acquaviva



In my last post the sun cast its last beams of the day through the arches of Bagni Pancaldi. This large private bath complex starts by the Terrazza Mascagni and stretches south for a few hundred metres down to San Jacopo along the beach promenade at Viale Italia.




This photo is taken from my room at the Grand Hotel Palazzo when I splurged and stayed there one night in April.



The first rays of the morning sun caresses the worn building while the sea crashes in to it, mercilessly. I imagine a great deal of refurbishing must be done every year to keep the place in good condition.



It is a great place to watch the breakers and the cargo ships waiting in line for their turn to make port.



The top floor terrace at the Hotel Palazzo is accessible for non-residents as there is a bar and restaurant. Guess who will sneak up for a drink and bring her camera next time? 😉



I wonder what this place looks like now, in the hot mid August. Packed with sunlovers and swimmers, no doubt.  I guess that is a sight I will never catch since I shun the heat. But I do look forward to seeing the Pancaldi again this autumn, and I’ll try to order a nice little storm for that occasion 🙂



4 comments on “Bagni Pancaldi Acquaviva

  1. mycket badglad och nybadad says:

    Oh, vad nÀpet!
    Undrar hur baden dÀr gick till? Havsvatten i bassÀnger eller kar, mÄnne?
    Vet du om det fortfarande anvÀnds eller stÄr det bara och Àr intressant numera?

    Den lilla lĂ„ga byggnaden framför badhuset pĂ„ nĂ€st översta bilden undrar jag ocksĂ„ över. De snestĂ€llda dörrarna/vĂ€ggarna…

    • CS says:

      Om man kollar Google maps sĂ„ Ă€r dĂ€r fullt av folk i solstolar och i vattnet, men det finns Ă€ven en bassĂ€ng en bit lĂ€ngre söderut. För övrigt undrar jag ocksĂ„… Ska försöka ta reda pĂ„ hur det gĂ„r till!

      • vĂ€ldigt badglad och Ă€ven idag nybadad says:

        GÀrna! Ska bli roligt att fÄ veta mer.
        Ser vÀldigt spÀnnande ut pÄ satelitbilden, mÄste jag sÀga.

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