The four Moors


These muscular calves and expressive feet belong to two of the four Moors of Livorno’s most famous statue, sculpted between 1617 and 1626.




The white guy on top is the Medici Grand Duke Ferdinando I and the statue is meant to represent Livorno’s victory over pirates.




Two slaves (edit: I change that to prisoners of war, see comments) were posing for the four sculpted Moors, and it is said that as payment they were set free.



It is also said that one of them married in Florence and that he used to take his family to Livorno on days off to admire the statue.




4 comments on “The four Moors

  1. VP says:

    You are not being fair to Livorno calling the Moors ‘slaves’. They were prisoners of war and they represent the safety of our coast from the ferocious Barbary pirates, not an apology of slavery.

  2. ferrofil says:

    Kraftfulla gubbar.

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