Saint Catherine of Venice


So. A question for you. Can you spot what these photos have in common?







Yes, it’s the odd looking dome of Saint Catherine of Venice. The church of Santa Caterina in the Livorno Venezia area. Its octagonal blunt tower can be seen seen from many places around town.



It sits next to the Fortezza Nuova which is a fortress surrounded by a moat. The moat branches out into canals which seek their way out to the harbour. What could be a more appropriate name than Venice for this part of town that fills the space between the canals?



Santa Caterina was finished in the 1750’s although the facade was never completed. The Dominican monastery, to which the church was built, was later dissolved and its buildings were used as a prison up until the late 1900’s.




The interior of the church is a bit surprising. Light and airy and very baroque, and suddenly the lantern and the rugged cupola make a lot of sense.



The frescoes of the dome make it look quite stunning.



And of course, Saint Catherine of Venice is no other than Saint Catherine of Siena.



A very special church in a very special setting. And with a very special name for me, since it is also my name. Without the Saint 😉


6 comments on “Saint Catherine of Venice

  1. Anne Sundqvist says:

    Cat how fab. Our parish church in Didsbury is St Catherine of Sienna and is my sisters’s confirmation name. She will love these photos and info as do I.

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. VP says:

    The painting visible in the sixth photo is ‘The Coronation of the Virgin’ painted by Giorgio Vasari around 1571.

  3. imponerad says:

    Ojojoj, vad fint!
    Tornet ser mer ut som en fästning än som en kyrka. Flott namn dessutom.

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