Staircase lions



These lovely kittens were pointed out to me, you had to look through a doorway and a locked gate to see this nice staircase with lions guarding it.




At a closer look I think the lions look more surprised than threatening, but nevertheless their manes and  paws are quite impressive.




This one’s obviously got trouble staying alert and on guard. Lucky for him he’s not alone, otherwise I fear he’d be dismissed.

Anyway, two more kitties for the Lionhunter’s collection. Hope you like them!




And for those of you who aren’t as much into lion hunting, maybe you will enjoy this beautiful door from the same palazzo?



4 comments on “Staircase lions

  1. VP says:

    I am quite ashamed that I have never posted about this beautiful building! By the way, it is called Palazzo Squilloni.

  2. the Lionhunter says:

    Hahaha – sicka flanar! Man riktigt hör hur de skrockar ihop.
    Precis som du själv skriver så är det de rejäla tassarna och manarna som räddar dessa pissar från att bli helt utskrattade.

    Man tackar för roande bilder och väl fångade jellon.

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