Coat of arms



A question came up about Livorno’s coat of arms. It is a crowned two tower fortress with a pennant saying “Fides” (faith).  I searched my archives and found that the crest had  sneaked its way into these photos. (For a clearer view, do an image search.) Above is the gate to Forte San Pietro with the fortress and the banner.




The Palazzo del Governo with its long frieze showing the history of Livorno. Here is the coat of arms in a heavily cropped photo.




An official comune moped used for office duty. Naturally with the crest on the splashboard!




Speaking of crests, I stumbled upon the Swedish consulate, in the lovely old Venezia quarters!



6 comments on “Coat of arms

  1. Anne Sundqvist says:

    Fabulous. These are going immediately to my sister!

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. heraldofil says:

    Visst är det skojigt med stadsvapen!
    Fint att du omedvetet (?) fångat den lilla borgen med sin vimpel flera gånger.

  3. VP says:

    Fides‘ in this case translates better as trust in the Livornesi and also loyalty or fidelity to Florence…

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