I met Teo



This is Teo. Our acquaintance was very brief, in fact I think it lasted less than one minute. But it was nice, and contained a short conversation – in Italian, which I by the way don’t speak – with his owner. And we laughed. Not Teo, he mostly sniffed and acted cool.




I will remember Teo, because he represents one of those “Livornese moments” that I experienced so many of during my stay. Brief moments of connection with the locals, a smile, a few words, a friendliness and acceptance of me as a foreigner and outsider. I found a lot of that, more in Livorno than in other parts of Tuscany.

Teo also reminds me of a story I heard, a political wittiness which I believe the Livornese are quite famous for:

A man was out walking his dog, and they met an attractive bitch. His dog started humping and his owner had to drag him away from her, with the words “Come on Sirvio, let’s go!”

Sirvio being the Livornese pronunciation of Silvio, referring of course to mr Berlusconi and his infamous sexual escapades.

Nothing to do with this immaculate dachshund gentleman above, clearly 🙂




2 comments on “I met Teo

  1. teofil says:

    Hundar är bra kontaktskapare! Och svarta blanka taxar är särskilt fina.

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