A piazza bridge



A bridge over the Fosso Reale, the main canal of Livorno that is actually a moat. I can’t seem to find another name for this lovely bridge than ‘Piazza Cavour’.  Maybe someone could correct me?



10 comments on “A piazza bridge

  1. bastuba says:

    Why? I don’t get it.

      • bastuba says:

        Why call it Piazza Cavour? Is there an association I miss? Or am I just plain stupd?

        • CS says:

          Well, the maps call it Piazza Cavour, and the bridge is broad enough to act as a piazza, I guess. So the actual piazza seems to be elongated to include also the bridge.

          • bastuba says:

            I thought you were referring to Piazza Cavour in Rome. That is why this name was inexplicable to me. Sorry.

            • CS says:

              Aha, finally I understand what you mean! Camillo di Cavour was the first prime minister of the united Italy and had played a significant role in the process of unification, so he was a man of great historic importance. There is a Piazza Cavour every Italian city I think. It’s like our Stortorget 🙂

  2. VP says:

    A long time ago it was known as ‘Ponte del Casone’ (Bridge of the Big House), but nobody calls it so today. The ‘big house’ was a large station for the guards, just inside the old walls.

  3. nyfiken says:

    Ser du vapnet mitt på – undrar vems?

    • CS says:

      Tror det. Livornos vapen är en borg med två torn och med en krona över. Lite sliten och utsuddad borg kanske 😉

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