Waters of Health



A few more shots from inside Acque della Salute. First the once grand reception room with its gorgeous doors out to the park.




The same three doors from the outside. A sad curiosity is that even the graffiti painter had some sense of symmetry when adding to the decor.




The house with the health bringing waters. There were five taps, each with its own spring water. The waters differed in mineral contents and salinity and were said to cure various ailments.




You can still clearly see where the taps and basins have been ripped off the tiled wall. For a glimpse of what the room looked like in its days of glory, click here.




It is almost physically painful to work on these photos. Such beauty going to waste. It is beyond sad, it is a disgrace. I just wish someone with enough resources and the right eye would see the huge potential of this magnificent place and cough up the money to restore it. It is still possible, so come on!



4 comments on “Waters of Health

  1. Elephant says:

    I wish I had the money – what a beautiful place – so much luxury falling apart!

    • CS says:

      I know. Just to clear the place up from rubbish would have felt so satisfying. A friend suggested volunteering to do that for our next holiday. And why not?? 😉

  2. imponerad silur says:

    Ojojoj – vilka vackra fönster! Första bilden Ă€r ju makalös.
    Men precis som du sÀger skÀr det i hjÀrtat att se förfallet. Och varför har inte arkitekter sÄ hÀr tilltalande ideal nu för tiden?

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