New old bridge


On my walks around Livorno I came across this house and this bridge. A very old house and a very new bridge.



So new that the fresh paint tape seemed ripped off just seconds before I arrived.



And what a beautiful bridge it was!








Nice view from up there, too.




I was really fond of this area, there seemed to be a lot going on. New and old side by side. And people looking after their little boats.



I was curious to find out what it looked like before, so I checked Google maps. Below are their captures of this spot. No bridge, just the old firmaments…

Such a great restoration! This bridge makes me happy.








4 comments on “New old bridge

  1. VP says:

    The bridge is not exactly new, but has been restored: Scali Cerere Footbridge.

    • CS says:

      Of course. Such a great work! Thanks for the link, it’s nice to see what it used to look like. An actual improvement!

  2. bryggseglare says:

    Verkligen nätt bro med bryggkänsla. Den skulle man vilja gå på.

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